We work hard to provide all of our customers with excellent service, but if anything that we do does not meet your expectations please let us know.

We take seriously every issue that is reported to us, and we aim to resolve each one as quickly as possible. We also investigate the root causes of issues with the aim of making changes that will prevent the issues from recurring.

We are required by The Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 to treat as a complaint any expression of dissatisfaction with our products, services or complaints handling that requires a response. This may mean that you find that we treat an issue that you raise with us as a complaint even though you don’t think you have made one.

Our procedure

  1. You can report any issue (whether or not you consider it to be a complaint) by phone, email or letter, or in person at our offices. All of our contact details, including our phone line opening hours, are on our contact us page, which also explains where you can obtain impartial advice and information.
  2. If you specifically wish to make a complaint you can also do this by phone, email or letter, or in person. If you phone, write or visit our office please use the same details as for reporting an issue and make it clear that you wish to make a complaint. If you email please send your message to
  3. If you make a complaint or we treat an issue that you have raised with us as a complaint we will keep a record of:
    • when and how it was raised
    • your name, contact details and gas account number
    • the nature of the complaint
    • what advice was given, or what action was taken or agreed to be taken
    • whether the complaint is considered to be resolved, and why
    • how and when any further communication about the complaint is to take place
  4. We try to resolve as many issues as possible as soon as we are aware of them. Where further investigation is required, to determine what has happened or what can be done to resolve it, our target is to complete this within a further working day. More complex issues, especially those that require investigation with one or more of our service providers, can take longer. Where we think that this is likely, or where we haven’t completed our investigations within a time period that we suggested previously, we will let you know when we think we will be able to respond further. You can also request an internal review of the progress or handling of your complaint at any time if you are not satisfied with them.
  5. We are able to offer the following remedies for complaints, as appropriate to the circumstances:
    • an apology
    • an explanation
    • appropriate remedial action to correct the issue
    • financial compensation (especially if you have been adversely affected by a failure by us to comply with our licence obligations in relation to marketing gas)
  6. If your complaint is not resolved within eight weeks, or if we decide before then that we are not able to do anything further about it, we will provide you with contact details and information about Ombudsman Services, who may be able to help further. Ombudsman Services is an independent, impartial and free dispute resolution service. For more information about them, please visit

Our performance – quarterly

The table below gives quarterly figures on the number of domestic customer complaints that we have received and resolved. These are shown as total numbers and as figures per hundred thousand domestic customers. We also show how many complaints were resolved by the end of the working day after they were raised (D+1) and how many were resolved within eight weeks.

Reporting quarter Complaints raised – total Complaints raised per 100,000 customers Complaints resolved – total Complaints resolved per 100,000 customers % of complaints resolved by D+1 % of complaints resolved within 8 weeks
Jul-Sep 2019 6 103 5 86 20% 100%
Apr-Jun 2019 7 116 6 99 83% 100%
Jan-Mar 2019 18 283 15 235 73% 100%
Oct-Dec 2018 11 148 11 148 36% 100%
Jul-Sep 2018 10 128 11 141 70% 100%
Apr-Jun 2018 5 64 4 51 75% 100%
Jan-Mar 2018 11 144 11 144 73% 100%
Oct-Dec 2017 15 196 15 196 93% 100%
Jul-Sep 2017 7 98 7 98 100% 100%
Apr-Jun 2017 7 99 7 99 100% 100%
Jan-Mar 2017 17 241 17 241 71% 100%
Oct-Dec 2016 27 496 27 496 96% 100%
Jul-Sep 2016 24 569 24 569 100% 100%
Apr-Jun 2016 24 583 24 583 96% 100%
Jan-Mar 2016 25 606 25 606 100% 100%
Oct-Dec 2015 12 407 12 407 100% 100%
Jul-Sep 2015 23 937 23 937 100% 100%
Apr-Jun 2015 24 968 25 1008 92% 100%
Jan-Mar 2015 14 563 13 523 100% 100%
Oct-Dec 2014 14 603 14 603 93% 100%
Jul-Sep 2014 34 1445 35 1487 83% 100%
Apr-Jun 2014 27 1193 27 1193 85% 100%
Jan-Mar 2014 12 588 11 539 82% 100%

As well as working to resolve individual complaints, we analyse their underlying causes to try to avoid them recurring. The list below shows the five most common subjects of complaints in the last quarter and what we are doing to improve our performance.

  1. Timely delivery of bills and statements – we continue to upgrade our billing systems to make bills clearer. Performance continues to improve and we will continue to work to get all bills and statements out promptly.
  2. Accuracy of bills and statements – we are working to ensure that every payment made by customers is recorded on the next bill or statement sent. Where a delay in identifying and recording a payment prevents this we have introduced a check to ensure that the missing payment is included next time.
  3. Regular payment amounts – some customers felt that their proposed monthly payments were too high. We review our approach to setting these payments regularly, and are also working to explain more clearly how each revised payment has been calculated.
  4. Tariffs – some customers raised concerns relating to the introduction of our new cheaper gas tariff. These were to do with the standardisation of tariffs and information about tariffs. We have reviewed our presentation of this information to make it clearer where possible.
  5. Prepayment meters – following the launch of our new prepayment tariff some customers had issues with the prepayment cards that were sent to them. We have reviewed the process by which these are sent to try to ensure that cards arrive on time and switch the meter to our tariff at the earliest opportunity.

Our performance – annual

Our complaints procedure is set out at the top of this page. If you would like a paper copy of it you can request one by phone, email or letter. All of our contact details, including our phone line opening hours, are available on our contact us page.

The complaints handling regulations – the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 – can be found at If you would like a paper copy of the regulations you can request one from The Stationery Office on 0870 600 5522.

The table below gives annual figures (October to September) on the number of customer contacts that we have received, the number of customer complaints received and the number of complaints that were not resolved by the end of the working day after they were raised (D+1).

Reporting year Customer contacts Complaints raised Not resolved by D+1
2018-2019 18363 42 21
2017-2018 20136 41 9
2016-2017 22307 58 5
2015-2016 19107 85 1
2014-2015 16035 75 3
2013-2014 13959 104 17