Treating customers fairly

We want to treat all of our customers fairly, and we have set out below some of the steps that we have taken, and are taking, to achieve this.

  • We design our tariffs to be easy to understand and use. We have always done this, even before changes to the regulatory rules that required it.
  • We set our prices to reflect the costs that we face. If you pay us, or manage your account, in a way that costs us less, we pass on that saving in lower prices.
  • We try to describe everything that we do straightforwardly, with all the relevant information presented simply, clearly and with the key facts highlighted. The energy industry is complex enough without jargon or poor writing making it even harder to understand.
  • We work hard to be easy to contact. The enormous majority of incoming calls are answered by our team within a few seconds during working hours, and voicemail messages can be left at all other times. We aim to respond to all voicemails within the working day on which they are received and to most emails and letters by the end of the following working day.
  • When you contact us, whichever of our team deals with your request will be courteous and helpful. If they are unable to respond immediately they will either transfer you to someone who can or let you know how we will try to move forward and when you can expect a response.
  • We only offer you products that we think are suitable for you, based on what you tell us. If we don’t offer what you need or we think that you would get a more suitable product elsewhere, we will tell you.