Payment difficulties and disconnection

Payment difficulties

If we have reason to believe that you may have difficulty in paying for your gas we will offer you the facility to pay for it:

  • by deduction at source (where available) from a social security benefit that you receive;
  • by using a prepayment meter (where practical); or
  • by regular instalments.

We will do our best to set payments made by these methods at a level that you can afford, and will take into account all of your expected charges.

We will also provide you with information about how you could reduce your gas charges by using gas more efficiently.

Disconnection for unpaid charges

We will not disconnect your gas supply for non-payment of gas charges unless we have first taken reasonable steps to obtain the payment using a prepayment meter.

If we are considering disconnecting you in winter for non-payment of gas charges, we will first take reasonable steps to check whether you, or anyone living with you, are of Pensionable Age, disabled or chronically sick, and if we have reason to believe that is the case then we will not proceed and will review the situation after the winter.