Services for priority customer groups

Priority Services Register

We maintain a Priority Services Register which lists those of our domestic customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and have asked (or had someone else ask on their behalf) for their name to be on the register.

At least once each year, we will remind you that the register exists and of how you may become listed on it if you are eligible to do so.

If we add your name to the register, we will send you advice and information on the free services that are available to you. These are also listed below.

We will also make your gas transporter – the company that operates the pipes that deliver your gas – aware that you are on the register.

Services available to customers on the Priority Services Register

If you are on the register, we will provide the following free services to you on request, as long as it is appropriate and reasonably practicable to do so.

  • We will agree a password with you that can be used by any person acting on our behalf or on behalf of your gas transporter to enable you to identify that person, and we will make your gas transporter aware of this.
  • We will send your gas bills to another person that you nominate, as long as that person agrees to receive them on your behalf.
  • If you let us know that no-one living with you is able to read your gas meter, we will arrange to read the meter at least once each quarter and we will inform you of that reading.
  • If you have a prepayment meter and you cannot readily access that meter because of infirmity, we will arrange to move the meter so that you can access it more easily.

Services available to blind and partially sighted customers

If you are blind or partially sighted we will on request (by you or someone acting on your behalf) provide information free of charge about any bill that we have sent you. We will also provide facilities free of charge for you to enquire or complain about your bills.

Services available to deaf or hearing-impaired customers

If you are deaf or hearing-impaired we will provide facilities free of charge for you to enquire or complain about your bills.