Switch to Better Energy

Switching your gas supply to Better Energy is easy

If you are a domestic customer and you’re ready to switch you can switch now. Detailed information about the switching process is available below.

If you are a business customer please see our business page for more information.

There are four simple steps when switching your gas supply to Better Energy




We always recommend you compare tariffs before switching to ensure you are getting the best deal on your gas. You can easily compare your current tariff with our tariffs using our simple quotation tool.




Choose the tariff that best suits your needs, complete your application securely through our website. You’ll have multiple payment and correspondence options available to you.




We will send you confirmation of your switch and supply contract information showing payment amounts and schedules.

  • Switching your gas supply to us usually takes around 3 weeks. This includes your 14 day cooling off period if you wish to change your mind about the switch
  • We will let your current supplier know that you’re switching. If your current supplier raise an objection to the switch (usually because they believe there is debt on the account) the process can be delayed while this is resolved
  • You will be supplied with gas by your current supplier up until your supply start date with us, ensuring you are never without gas



Meter Reading

We will request a meter reading before your supply goes live with us, you can submit meter readings easily via our website.

The reading you submit to us to open your gas account will be sent to your current supplier to close your account with them, ensuring you only pay one supplier for each unit of gas

If you don’t submit an opening meter reading a transporter estimate will be provided to us and your outgoing supplier to open/close your gas accounts. If the estimate produced for your account is inaccurate simply call us with an up to date meter reading and we will endeavour to agree a different reading with your outgoing supplier and talk you through the process.