Postal Reward 1 Dec19 – Regular DD

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Domestic Gas Supply Tariff

About your gas tariff  
Supplier Better Energy (Better Energy Supply Ltd)
Tariff name Postal Reward 1 Dec19 – Regular DD
Tariff type Fixed price
Payment method Regular Monthly Direct Debit
Unit rate 3.6225 pence/kWh
Standing charge 21 pence/day
Tariff ends on 31/12/2019
Price guaranteed until 31/12/2019
Exit fees (if you cancel this tariff before the end date) £20
Discounts and additional charges

A 0.105 pence/kWh discount for keeping your gas account in credit is included in the unit rate shown above. You will also receive a discount on the charges on each statement equivalent to interest of 3% per annum on your average credit balance during the statement period. If your gas account has a debit balance you will not receive the charges discount and if you do not clear the debit balance when we request you to do so, the unit rate discount will cease to apply and your unit rate will increase.

A 5.25 pence/day discount for paying by direct debit is included in the standing charge shown above. If you do not maintain a usable direct debit mandate this discount will cease to apply and your standing charge will increase.

Additional products or services included

Not applicable

VAT at 5% is included in the prices and indicative charges shown above. This may be different from the way that prices and charges are shown on bills or statements.

The energy content of your gas is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hours). Your meter measures the volume of gas that you use (in cubic metres or cubic feet), and this is converted into kWh and charged at your unit rate on your bill or statement.